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KFDUSA_LionDanceWelcome to the Kung Fu Dragon USA Lion Dance Team of Pleasanton, California.  We specialize in performing the traditional Futsan Southern Style of lion dancing with exceptionally fierce, lively, and energetic gait.

Along with regular Kungfu training, KFDUSA students also join special weekly classes in the art of Chinese lion dance. It must be noted that Chinese lion dancing is an extension of the Chinese martial arts, and traditionally has always been performed by martial artists.  The dancers go through extensive training in the many intricate steps and body movements that form the basis of the lion dance, as well as the use of various percussion instruments and their traditional rhythms which accompany the dance.lion dance2

Our Lion Dance at KFDUSA is not like any ordinary puppet act/show that you normally see.  It’s a spectacular combination of a lion dance and martial arts demonstration.  We employ our impressive Kung Fu skills with great agility, flexiblity, balance, and coordination into our Lion Dance; including extremely fast and strong footworks, sharp solid steps and stances, and powerful kicks; vigorous headshakes, tremendous rise and drop, adrenaline-charged stunts and acrobats in our routines. Our performance packs a lot of punch, vitality, creativity, and tells an entertaining story that attracts a huge crowd.  We aim to dazzle and impress our audience with an unforgettable exhilarating experience.

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What You’ll Learn:

  1. Historical background and significance of Lion Dance in kungfu culture.
  2. Basic Traditional Lion Dance techniques and performance.
  3. Basic techniques in percussion rhythms – playing the drum, the cymbals and the gong in Lion Dance music.
  4. Arrangement and interpretation of Lion Dance formations and their meaning.
  5. Rhythm, tone, expression, and dance routine in Lion Dance.
  6. Lion Dance as a mean to develop kungfu skills.  Enhance kungfu skills like breath control, stances, fluidity of movements, agility, balance, and solidness, mental clarity and relaxation.

Lion Dance is not just for demonstration. Its practice can enhance qualities like ability to relax while performing vigorous actions, fluidity of movement, stamina, mental clarity, carefulness, cheerfulness and courage, which are not only beneficial for Kungfu training but also for our daily living. Any Kungfu student who performs lion dancing soon finds his/her stances are much stronger, his stamina is increased, and he possesses greater overall strength. Lion dancing provides cardiovascular exercise, stance training, and weight training all rolled into one cultural package. And it’s a whole lot of fun!  Lion Dancing is a combination of Kungfu, acrobats and instruments. We will help you master them all at Kungfu Dragon USA.

KFDUSA members (intermediate level and up) interested in participating in the Lion Dance team are welcome to join.  Members have to complete the basic requirements of the beginner Kungfu class at Kungfu Dragon USA. This gives them the coordination and body strength needed to begin training in the Lion Dance.

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  1. Sarah Michelle Tipton says:

    Hello! My name is Sarah and im a HUGE fan of Lion Dance. I have been studying and falling in love with lions all my life and have recently learned the different types and the meanings of the colors as well as customs on greeting and paying respect to lions. I love to feed them lucky red envelopes and cuddling with them. Its difficult to hug one when the crowds get crazy lol. Maybe ill hire one to dance at my birthday sometime

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