End Of Year Party Celebration!!! – 12/18/16


On Sunday, December 18th, 2016 we will be having our End of the Year Party. There will be a raffle ticket drawing during the End of the Year Party. Raffle tickets are $2 each. Each people can purchase a minimum of five tickets and up to a maximum of 50 tickets.

Prizes Will Include:
Grand prize: golden dragon sword: 1 Prize
Grade prize: yin yang sword: 1 Prize
1st place: Gold ipad air: 1 Prize
2nd: Budda Jade: 1 Prize
3rd: Weapon Bag with Broad Sword or Straight Sword: 1 Prize
4th: Straight Sword or Broad Sword: 1 Prize
5th: 1 month free tuition: 3 Prize
6th: One Free Private Class: 3 Prize
7th: Mini Budda Statue: 10 Prize, won by ring throw: each person gets three throws
8th: School T-shirt: 10 Prize, won by ring throw, each person

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