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The Kungfu Dragon USA curriculum is an extensive survey of both modern and traditional styles of Kung Fu (also referred to as Wushu), following a systematic and integrative training program with an emphasis on understanding the requirements of each movement while building up athletic attributes such as strength, flexibility, balance, agility and coordination every step of the way.  Wushu basics encompass a wide array of techniques, exercises and drills divided in eight areas of instruction; stretching and flexibility exercises, hand forms and hand techniques, stances and footwork, leg techniques, basic combinations, balance techniques, jumping techniques and tumbling techniques…  You will also learn weapon forms, Chinese Kickboxing, and self defense.

Kungfu Dragon USA has a belt curriculum to keep students guided on a consistent path of progression.  As great of an achievement it is to reach Black Belt, it should always be a reminder that the study of Wushu, and martial arts in general, is a lifelong and endless journey.  Regardless of what belt a practitioner is, he or she should always be willing to empty their minds in order to attain more knowledge. Students begin with no belt and must work diligently to earn a White Belt. Please click on any of the belts below to learn more about the curriculum and requirements for belt examinations.

Belt System

 Name color techniques descriptions
White Belt whitebelt  SHAO LIN LIAN HUANG QUAN  Click here
Yellow Belt yellowbelt  SHAO LIN XIAO HONG QUAN Click here
Yellow Black yellowblackbelt  YIN SHOU GUN (STAFF)  Click here
Green Belt greenbelt  SHAO LIN SINGLE BROAD SWORD Click here
Green Black Belt greenblackbelt  QI XING QUAN (SEVEN STARS FIST FORM)  Click here
Purple Belt purplebelt  DAMO JIAN (STRAIGHT SWORD)  Click here
Purple Black Belt purpleblackbelt  SHAOLIN SPEAR  Click here
Blue Belt bluebelt  SHAOLIN CANE Click here
Blue Black Belt blueblackbelt  PI GUA QUAN Click here
Brown Belt brownbelt  SHAO LIN PU DAO Click here
Brown Black Belt brownblackbelt  FANZI QUAN Click here
Gold Belt goldbelt  NINE SECTION WHIP Click here
Gold Black Belt goldblackbelt  TANG LANG QUAN (MANTIS FORM)  Click here
Gold 2 Stripes Belt gold2blackbelt  SHAOLIN TWIN BROAD SWORDS Click here
Red Belt redbelt  THREE SECTION STAFF Click here
Red Black Belt redblackbelt  SPARRING  Click here
Red 2 Stripes Belt red2blackbelt  TO BE DETERMINED BY SIFU
Black Belt blackbelt  TO BE DETERMINED BY SIFU


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