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Holiday Masters Performance 2015

In a fully choreographed theatrical production, the Shaolin Warriors bring the remarkable skill, stunning movement and spectacular imagery of Kung Fu to stages throughout the globe.

On behalf of Don Mischer Productions, best known for producing the Emmys and Academy Awards, Wushu Shaolin Entertainment was cordially invited to produce a Shaolin Warriors Live Showcase during the prestigious Huading Awards. Here is a poster illustrating Shifu Yu Zhenlong’s remarkable Kung Fu prowess.

Huading Awards_ZhenlongHuading Awards_Zhenlong3

Huading Awards_Zhenlong2

Zhenlong Yu_Qatar2


zhenlong yu Qatar




Sifu Zhenlong Yu’s Shaolin Warriors Performance in Qatar in the Middle East near Dubai – October 2013


Kungfu Dragon USA Performance for Kungfu Taichi Day Event in Downtown San Jose – June 2nd, 2013




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