KUNGFU DRAGON USA student showing off kung fu skills on National TV!

Catch one of our students here at Kungfu Dragon USA showing off her Kung Fu skill on NBC this coming Sunday, April 2nd, 2017!


A kung fu student, Tsay also pulled some comedic punches during her appearance, including asking host Harvey why he doesn’t have any hair. (Photo by Evans Vestal Ward/NBC)
Kungfu Dragon USA student, Calleigh Tsay, shows off her kung fu moves for host Steve Harvey during a taping for NBC’s “Little Big Shots.” (Photo by Evans Vestal Ward/NBC)
Tsay demonstrated her kung fu skills while taping her appearance for NBC’s “Little Big Shots” last summer. The 6-year-old’s episode is set to air for the first time this Sunday night. (Photo by Evans Vestal Ward/NBC)


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